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  • The Beadell Roads Atlas – 2nd Edition
  • Len Beadell’s Legacy Book
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Leonard Beadell was a legendary surveyor and road builder. He was responsible for constructing over 6,500 km of roads and opening up some of the most isolated desert areas of central Australia.
This Book and Map pack will provide all the information you need to learn of the amazing road network established by Len Beadell as well as travel along the 11 roads he built over eight years between 1955 and 1963.
The Westprint Maps The Beadell Roads Atlas and Guide is a comprehensive guide to the isolated region covering parts of South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, including the Great Victoria, Great Sandy, Little Sandy, and Gibson Deserts. This spiral bound book contains 26 Double pages of maps with 60 plus Points of Interest explained in the text section. The atlas and guide provide detailed information on road surfaces, fuel and limited supplies available at remote roadhouses in the region. The guide also includes historical information about the early European explorers who travelled this arid region of Australia before Len Beadell started building roads through it.
The roads shown on the atlas and guide vary from excellent bitumen to dangerous corrugations, washaways, stone and loose sand. To ensure safety, it is recommended that at least two vehicles travel together, each being self-sufficient with water, fuel and food. This applies to all roads and tracks with the possible exception of the Great Central Road.
With clear and easy-to-read maps, the atlas and guide also include notes on history, explorers, points of interest, surrounding flora and fauna, as well as various photos of landmarks. Road distances, rest areas, caravan parks, and fuel outlets are noted, along with Lat/Long grid and GPS coordinates. The Westprint Maps The Beadell Roads Atlas and Guide is an essential resource for any adventurer exploring the remote and rugged outback of Australia.
The book, Len Beadell’s Legacy, describes the extraordinary adventures and difficulties faced by Len Beadell and his group. Beadell showed remarkable courage and resourcefulness during his long and arduous solo reconnaissance trips. Read about all the tracks constructed and the amazing adventured had in the vast outback of Australia.

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