The Disputed Country – Australia’s Lost Border


  • 1st Edition
  • Maps of the Border Track
  • Informative History of the border survey
  • Heritage Sites field guide
  • ABN: 9780646433064
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This story chronicles the survey of the South Australian – Victorian border from 1847 to 1850. It was an epic three-year saga of dogged persistence through heavy rain and flooded swamps, harrowing escapes from waterless Mallee Country and the the almost immediate destruction of the border markers by a devastating firestorm.
It was soon proven that the surveyed border was several kilometres from the intended 141st east longitude, thus sparking a 64 year battle between the two states for possession of the “Disputed Country” – that thin slice of land between the two lines.
The immediate loss of the border markers to fire means that today, more than a century and a half after the survey was supposed to eliminate a lawless haven for criminals, a ‘no man’s land’ still exists between the two states.
Includes the story of the border fence, a field guide to key heritage sites and detailed maps of the Border Track.

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