All about Meridian Mapss

We are dedicated and passionate about maps. The idea for Meridian Maps arose from a mutual love of bush walking and cartography by the founding partners Craig and Simon. We saw the need for detailed park maps that were not only extremely functional and easy to read, but also looked great. So, with twenty years of experience between us in the cartographic map making industry, we embarked on a project to design and produce the first Meridian Map; a Map Guide to the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. Rave reviews and a demand for more maps immediately followed, and Meridian Maps have been producing quality mapping products ever since. Along The way Meridian Maps won many awards from organisations including the International Cartographic Association, Australian Map Industry Association and Avenza Maps. Twenty years down the track and Meridian Maps is still publishing and updating its mapping for a new generation of map users.

Meridian Maps key goal is to provide excellence in recreational and wall mapping to our customers. We believe our products should be…

  • Easy to read
  • Up to date
  • Well designed
  • Functional
  • Meet market requirements

Our team of professional cartographers are based in Melbourne and Adelaide. Our maps are produced primarily in Adobe Illustrator, utilizing Avenza’s MAPublisher plug ins.


Clear and easy to read

Up to date tourist information

Suitable for navigation on foot and by car

Available in digital and print formats

Award winning designs