Tanami Road


  • 5th Edition
  • Scale 1:1,100,000
  • Field Checked with GPS
  • Detail roads and tracks
  • National Parks and Reserves
  • Includes Alice Springs, Yuendumu, Bililuna, and Halls Creek
  • Specific 4WD, caravan and camping information
  • Cultural, historical and tourist information
  • Informative text about the region
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The Tanami Track is a remote and challenging route that provides the quickest access from the southern states, via Alice Springs, to the Kimberley. This WestPrint Heritage Map details the ever-changing arid scenery of one of the least populated regions in Australia and provides an awe-inspiring introduction to the immensity of our deserts.

The track’s early history is steeped in gold rushes and the need for stock routes, which required huge amounts of human effort to cross the Tanami. The condition of the present route is being improved, but the area is still remote and can be dangerous.

Westprint Heritage Maps are highly regarded for desert areas, and this map is no exception. It includes notes on history, explorers, points of interest, surrounding flora and fauna, and various photos of landmarks. The map is clear and easy to read, with road distances, rest areas, caravan parks, and fuel outlets noted. Additionally, the map includes a Lat/Long grid and GPS coordinates to help travelers navigate this challenging and remote area with confidence.

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