Crossing The Dead Heart


  • 3rd Edition
  • story of the first crossing of the Simpson Desert
  • This edition fully foot-noted
  • 1st edition – 1947, Third Edition 2018
  • ABN: 9781875608423
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Crossing the Dead Heart is a popular narrative of an expedition undertaken in 1939 by a party headed by C.T. Madigan for the purpose of crossing a stretch of hitherto unexplored country in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The expedition was financed by Mr A.A. Simpson, after whom the desert has been named. From Charlotte Waters on the South Australian – Northern Territory border, the expedition travelled to its first camp beyond Andado bore, crossed the desert to Birdsville in Queensland, then turned southwest to the shores of Lake Eyre to rejoin the railway at Maree.
It is a story of great exploratory enterprise and patient scientific investigation.
Dr Madigan was able to see the book through the press, but, unhappily did not live to see it published, as he died in Adelaide in January 1947.

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